Moltkestr 81, 50674 Cologne

Camilla Wills
* 1985 Cheltenham UK
lives in Paris

2011 MFA, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam NL
2008 BA Painting, Wimbledon College of Art, London UK

2015 Triangle France residency, Marseille FR
2015 Le Commissariat residency, Paris FR
2012 Watermill Center residency, New York US


2015 #2, Joint Venture, Berlin DE
2013 'Things You Think in Order', Tenderpixel, London UK

Solo / Dual

2016 'Baby Doc' (with Laetitia Paviani), Kunsthal Aarhus, DK (upcoming)
2016 'Annunciation with nosebleed', Cneai Chatou, Paris FR (upcoming)
2015 'Licence Licence', Gaudel de Stampa, Paris FR
2015 'Licence', LGLondon, London UK
2015 White Cubicle at George & Dragon Public House, London UK
2013 'Perra Perdida' (with Allison Katz), Lulu, Mexico City MX
2013 'Cabaret Brutalité', Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen DK


2016 'Neo-Pagan Bitch-Witch!', Evelyn Yard, London UK
2016 'VILLAGE! Raise my child!' (with Rachel Koolen and Laetitia Paviani), Chez Treize, Paris FR
2015 'Safe: Are you allergic to the 21st century?', HOME, Manchester UK
2015 Allison Katz, 'All is On', Kunstverein Freiburg, DE
2015 'Welcome to the Jungle', KW Institute, Berlin DE
2015 'CALISTHENICS', Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles US
2015 'Les drames 3D grillagés', Triangle France, Marseille FR
2014 'As a Body', Cooper Cole, Toronto CA
2014 'Bard Girls Can Fly', White Flag Projects, St Louis US
2013 'Notes on Neo-Camp', Office Baroque, Antwerp BE
2013 'Notes on Neo-Camp', Studio Voltaire, London UK
2013 'On ne connaît les chiffres que d'un côté du plan', Art3, Valence FR
2013 'Portmanteau', Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö SE
2013 'Sense and Sensibility', SpazioA, Pistoia IT
2012 'Sunbathers', 1857, Oslo NO
2012 'Mexico City Blues', Shanaynay, Paris FR
2012 'Casting Glances in all Directions', Supplement Gallery, London UK
2012 'Anthem for the People’s Tomorrow', Salon Populaire, Berlin DE
2012 'Laying Down and Kissing the Love in the Mist', Kendall Koppe, Glasgow UK

Screenings / Events

2015 'Village Raise My Child!' (with Laetitia Paviani), Treize, Paris FR
2015 'Sweating as Distribution' (with Laetitia Paviani), Le Commissariat, Paris FR
2015 'Love Your Parasites' book launch, South London Gallery, London
2014 'My Vocabulary Did This to Me', South London Gallery, London UK
2014 'VOICE ~ CREATURE OF TRANSITION' (with Federica Bueti, by If I Can't Dance...), Gerritt Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL
2014 'Logo of Absence', Camden Arts Centre, London UK / TENT, Rotterdam NL
2013 'Composure. A Story of Metamorphosis', ...ment journal, online
2013 'Automatic Writing / Instant Publishing', ICA, London UK
2012 'It seems the hardest thing is realizing you are in charge', The Watermill Center, US


Ongoing 'Baby Doc Journal' (co-edited with Laetitia Paviani)
2015 'Love Your Parasites (Baroque Edition)', Paraguay Press (castillo/corrales)
2014 Davey, Moyra. 'I'm Your Fan', Camden Arts Centre


2012-14 Editorial staff, Book Works, London UK