Moltkestr 81, 50674 Cologne

17. Maruša Sagadin
NADA New York 2018
March, New York City

16. Serious Fraud Office
A collaboration with Mauve, Vienna
February, Mexico City

15. Magdalena Kita
Material Art Fair V
February, Mexico City

14. For all intensive purposes
Irene de Andrés, Amy Garofano, Rehana Zaman
Syndicate at Aspect/Ratio

December – January, Chicago


13′. Never odd or even
Steffani Jemison, Talon Gustafson

A collaboration with Good Weather
June – July, Cologne

13. Something II Be Scared Of
Sam Keogh, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Linda Stupart

April – May, Cologne

12. Seecum Cheung
Poppositions 2017

April, Brussels

Magalie Guérin, Magdalena Kita, Lina Lapelyte, Julie Born Schwartz, Lauren Taylor, Vasilis Zarifopoulos
Syndicate at Snehta

March, Athens

10. It is dangerous to go into the world uncaffeinated
Seecum Cheung, Tom Crawford, Alex Reynolds, Rehana Zaman
Syndicate at Snehta

March, Athens

9. Rehana Zaman
Material Art Fair IV

February, Mexico City


8. Irene de Andrés, Ross Downes, Maruša Sagadin
COFA Contemporary

November, Cologne

7. Vestibule: Stella Sideli, The Role of Unintended Consequences
Eva Fàbregas, Joey Holder, Laure Prouvost

November, Cologne

6. Maruša Sagadin
Terra Cotta, Panna Cotta

October – November, Cologne

5. Christian Odzuck

September, Cologne

4. Vestibule: Sofie Van Loo, What's IT got to do with Eros?
August, Cologne

3. Dry Goods
Lucy Clout, Hans Diernberger, Ross Downes, Duncan Marquiss, Rehana Zaman

June – July, Cologne

2. Alex Reynolds
By Day

April – May, Cologne

1. Emergency Lift Bar
Daniel Shanken, Emma van der Put

March – April, Cologne

Archive, 2012–15